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For a time back in the late 1990's, it seemed like the Web would be a utopia of free expression. During those heady days, I tried to start an online publication called WinPost with a number of friends from the Boston Computer Society.

Before long, reality set in. Online publications require a large time commitment, and tend to take away from other activities such as earning a living. It's an old, old story on the Internet -- boundless optimism gives way to grim practicality.

Herewith the two issues that comprise WinPost's brief day of glory. Think of them as my small memorial to all the Web sites (and dreams) that briefly flowered on the Net and then went forever static.

June 1996: Bloated browsers, learning to search the Net, real-time communications, and more.
September 1996: Java, bird watching, gadgets, and mini-reviews.

Web Wandering

Original Web Wandering columns from PC Report, the series that became WinPost.
October 1995: Internet Searching, Internet Shopping, and ISDN.
November 1995: Eponymous. Companies lucky enough to have snatched domains that match their names.
December 1995: An Internet Toolkit.
January 1996: Tangled in Your Web. How to create your own web site.
February 1996: Web Gadgets. Tools to make web publishing easier.
March 1996: News. How to use the Internet's USENET newsgroups.
April 1996: Mail. The inside dope on Internet e-mail.

Old Favorites

Original Web Wandering columns from PC Report, the series that became WinPost.
Fedex Ship Tips: A few undocumented features in the shipping software.
Publishing with WinHelp: Using WinHelp for publishing and distribution.
Fun with Explorer: Ways to customize the Win95 Explorer, fixing a problem with Microsoft Fax, a crash in Pitfall, and trouble with After Dark.
Powertoys: Using the Microsoft PowerToys and backing up the Win95 Registry.
ProComm Plus: A review of ProComm Plus 2.11 for Windows.
Dial-up Scripting: Using Dial-Up Scripting with the Dial-Up Networking tool.
Bugnet: BugNet, College Planning on the Web, "Program Manager Groups" for Windows 95, and backing up your Win95 Registry using a ZIP utility.
Lotus ScreenCam Review of ScreenCam, a program that lets you record and play back "movies" of screen actions.

Mike's Picks

Some of the snappier things I've written.
ComputerEyes 1024: Review of a video capture board for the PC.
Fall 94 Comdex Report: If there are slot machines in the K-Mart, this must be Las Vegas.
Win95 Without the Fear: Have Windows 95 and Windows 3.x on the same machine without reinstalling all your applications.
OS/2 Warp Meeting Notes: A description of a memorably bad IBM presentation on OS/2.
Spring 1995 Comdex Report: Want an Olympic souvenir? No? How about some sales literature?
Surf Win95: One way to set up Windows 95 for Internet connectivity.

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