UUDeview-32 revision history

Version 1.4 -- June 23, 2002

  • Added encoding and decoding support for yEnc.
  • Added StrictFilenames decoding option.
  • Some minor decoding engine improvements.
  • Removed code that prevented multiple dots in output filenames.

Version 1.3 -- December 30, 2001

  • Improved decoding engine.
  • Edit command in "Files to Decode" list.
  • Command line now supports non-interactive "batch mode" encoding and decoding.
  • New decoding options:
    • Automatically generate unique output filenames
    • Decode automatically after preview complete
    • Preserve filename case
    • Recycle input files after data is retrieved
    • Select alternate Temporary Files folder
    • Skip application prompts during Edit and Launch operations
    • Strict MIME compliance
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.2 -- February 21, 1998

  • Product rebuilt with C++ and static MFC libraries to increase performance, reduce dependencies, and decrease download size.
  • Smaller working set (uses less memory) and reduced system resource consumption.
  • Multithreading. This makes the user interface run more smoothly. Especially impressive on multi-processor machines.
  • The ability to "associate" UUDeview with decodable files (e.g., .uue, .mim, .hqx, etc.). If you activate this feature (through the "Options" dialog box), you can launch UUDeview from Explorer by double-clicking a decodable file. The file(s) you double-click will appear in the "Decode these files" window.
  • The ability to load filenames into the "Decode these files" window from the UUDeview command line (a corollary to the "associate" feature).

Version 1.0 -- May 11, 1997

  • Initial version.
  • Modified on 13 May to reduce download size by 200KB (change of Desaware DLLs). Still the same program, just a slightly smaller download.



As of December 2001, no further development is contemplated for the 16-bit version of UUDeview. However, the program will still be offered for download.

Version 1.1a -- February 25, 1997

  • Fixed problem that caused UUDeview to crash if a file was renamed during a decode operation.

Version 1.1 -- January 22, 1997

  • Fixed problems affecting certain BinHex files.
  • Improved decoding algorithms.
  • Slightly reduced consumption of Windows System Resources.
  • Context menus for "files to decode" and "decode preview" windows.
  • New "Launch" and "Decode & Launch" commands.
  • Decode Preview window now shows marker indicating text information ahead of binary data.
  • "Tool Tips."
  • Encoding to clipboard.
  • Online help.
  • Option added to show debug output during loading and decoding.
  • Decode Preview operation shows explicit error message if no encoded data found.
  • Example file added to distribution.

Version 1.0 -- July 31, 1996

  • Initial version.