Installing UUDeview

Installing UUDeview is very straightforward; the program comes packaged as in an installer called Uud32setup.exe. All you need to do is run the installer, which will take you through the install procedure in a series of steps. The installation procedure should be very similar to that of other Windows applications.

The steps are:

  • Welcome screen.
  • GNU License display. UUDeview is copyrighted freeware published under the GNU Public License.
  • Destination folder. You can change the folder where UUDeview will be installed by clicking the "Browse" button on this page.
  • Program Manager Group. This determines where on your Start menu the installer will place the shortcut to UUDeview.
  • Installation.


Removing UUDeview

If you want to uninstall UUDeview, open the Windows Control Panel on your computer and select "Add/Remove Programs." Find the listing for "UUDeview for Windows" and click "Change/Remove."

After a confirmation dialog, UUDeview will be removed.


EXE-only install

The EXE-only UUDeview package is intended for advanced users. It does not include an installer, a help file, or the example file. As the name implies it includes only the UUDeview executable itself.

To install UUDeview downloaded in this form, decompress the Zip file into a directory of your choosing. Create a shortcut to Uud32.exe or launch the program by double-clicking. You can delete the ZIP file once you have extracted the files from it.

Removing UUDeview installed in this way is just as simple: all you need to do is delete the folder where the ZIP file was originally decompressed, or delete Uud32.exe, Exeonly.txt, and Gnulic.txt.

Last revised: 30 December 2001