UUDeview source code

General requirements
Source repository
UUDeview app and components
UUDeview DLL

General requirements

UUDeview was built starting from Frank Pilohofer's Unix source. The current version was compiled and tested on Windows 2000 using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Service Pack 5.

Using the source

If you create something new using the source supplied from this site, please remember:

  • UUDeview is published under the GNU Public License. Commercial reuse is not free.
  • The UUDeview source code is Copyright (C) 1997-2002, 2013 Michael Newcomb and Frank Pilhofer.
  • If you create a new COM component based on either the ActiveX or ATL COM source, please give it a distinctive name and appearance and use new GUIDs and IIDs. This will permit your component to coexist with the "official" UUDeview components.
  • NO technical support will be provided for the source code beyond the comments in the files.

Most importantly, if you fix a bug or add an enhancement, please let the authors know! We'd love to incorporate your improvements into the official source!

Source repository

The UUDeview source is available from GitHub:



The repository is structured like this:

linux Frank Pilhofer's original Linux UUDeview command line source. This was the basis of all the other UUDeview variants
uudeview_dll 16- and 32-bit Windows ports of the UUDeview engine in a DLL
vc 32-bit C code
uudeview DLL project, wrapper code, and additional function
vc16 16-bit C code
UUD16 C UUDeview engine source
uudeview The 32-bit UUDeview Windows application, the "heavy" UUDeview ActiveX control, and the "lightweight" UUDeview ATL COM control
Uud32 The UUDeview Windows application
uud32acx UUDeview Activex control
UudATL UUDeview ATL COM component

UUDeview application and components

The source files for the UUDeview Windows application, the UUDeview ATL COM component, and the UUDeview ActiveX control are all inextricably interlinked, which makes sense since they are all built on the common foundation of the UUDeview engine. Accordingly, it's probably best to stick with the directory layout in the repository.

UUDeview DLL

At the time when I did the original port there was still demand for 16-bit versions of the UUDeview application and the DLL, hence the source code comes with a rather baroque directory structure. The DLL was created in C rather than C++, and is much closer to the raw Unix source than the version of the engine ported to C++ for the UUDeview application and components.

Double-click the uudeview.dsw in the uudeview_dll/vc/uudeview folder to open the project in Visual C++.

Last revised: 26 January 2013