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UUDeview-32 Version 1.3
UUDeview-32 Version 1.2
UUDeview-16 Version 1.1a
16-bit UUDeview DLL

This page contains a variety of UUDeview-related detritus. These items are no longer being supported in any meaningful way, but they are being provided for historical interest and for any remaining value they may yet have.


UUDeview-32 Version 1.3

An artifact from a world before yEnc. V1.3 was current for about six months until user requests drove me to port over the yEnc-enabled UUDeview engine.

Uud32Setup.exe 595KB Self-extracting installer. Run it to install Version 1.3.
UUD32_13.zip 181KB EXE only. Decompress and run uud32.exe to use UUDeview.
UUDACX_1120.zip 131KB Version of the UUDeview ActiveX control.
UUDATL_1022.zip 171KB Version of the UUDeview ATL component.
UUDLL_1301.zip 233KB Version of the UUDeview DLL.


UUDeview-32 Version 1.2

A piece of history: Version 1.2 of UUDeview for Windows. This was the "current" version of UUDeview for four years or so, from 1997 to 2001. Given the high number of downloads (I lost web stats at 100,000), the lack of complaints, and the positive feedback from users, I'd say this version deserves the respect awarded to any valiant old soldier now in retirement.

ud3212.exe 1,000KB Self-extracting installer. Run it to install Version 1.2.
ud3212.zip 179KB EXE only. Decompress and run uud32.exe to use UUDeview.
udacx10.zip 126KB Version 1.0 of the UUDeview ActiveX control.
udll_11b.zip 186KB Version 1.1b of the UUDeview DLL (32-bit).


UUDeview-16 Version 1.1a

Amazingly, the version of UUDeview for Windows 3.1 (16-bit Windows) still gets downloads from time to time. Though no longer officially supported, it is offered here for anyone who might still need it.

uudw11a.zip 425KB UUDeview-16 Version 1.1a. Decompress to a folder and run uudeview.exe to start UUDeview.
vbr300.zip 225KB Visual Basic 3.0 runtime. Required for UUDeview-16 if it is not already installed on your system.


16-bit UUDeview DLL

For those people who haven't been bullied into moving to 32 bits by Microsoft, here's a simple 16-bit version of the UUDeview DLL called UUD16S. This DLL has none of the VB3-related frills found in the UUD16 that ships with UUDeview for Windows. All it has are the functions provided by Frank in his original UUDeview engine.

This DLL is best suited for people who need to develop non-Visual Basic 3 16-bit applications that do Internet Mail and News encoding/decoding. It also doesn't hurt to be using a language like C or Pascal that can define structures, though you can theoretically use the UUD16S DLL with any language that can call out to Windows DLLs.

  • Download UUD16S V1.1b (56K, 22 July 97)
  • Frank Pilhofer's documentation for the UUDeview engine in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. You can download a free viewer for this type of file from Adobe.

Last revised: 30 December 2001